innovators in the design and manufacture of systems for the examination of questioned documents, latent fingerprints, trace evidence and shoe prints.


foster + freeman are innovators in the design and manufacture of systems for the examination of questioned documents, latent fingerprints, trace evidence and shoe prints.

Established in 1978, foster + freeman has become one of the foremost forensic science equipment suppliers in the world, exporting market leading, and in many cases unique products to more than 150 countries.




New Product Developments

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DCS5 fingerprint workstation foram3 Raman Spectrometer crime-lite Infrared PD-2000 document examination


Forensic Raman spectrometer


Dual-waveband Crime-lite with camera


Ultra-high resolution document imaging


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DCS®5 Fingerprint Imaging System

DCS 5 is a comprehensive imaging system for the detection, capture and enhancement of almost any type of fingerprint on any surface or background to ensure that maximum detail is revealed.

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fpNATURALTM 1 a novel IR Fluorescent Fingerprint Powder



Natural1 IR fingerprint dusting powder


fpNATURALTM 1fingerprint powder

Despite the vast quantity of fingerprint treatments currently available, examiners continue to be frustrated by a number of  ‘difficult’ substrates.

Multi-coloured and densely patterned backgrounds, reflective metal surfaces and substrates that fluoresce at the same wavelengths as common fingerprint treatments, can prevent the successful imaging of fingerprints.

However, when dusted with fpNatural 1 IR fluorescent powder, interference can be removed to reveal high contrast prints.

A preliminary study into the use of fpNatural 1 has been accepted for publication by the Forensic Science International Journal and clearly demonstrate the effectiveness of fpNatural 1 at revealing fingerprints on a wide range of non-porous and semi-porous substrates.

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fingerprints on polymer banknote

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Coin with new anti-counterfeiting technology

UK unveils winning design for worlds' most secure coin

The Chancellor of the Exchequer has revealed a new 12-sided one pound coin in a bid to stamp out counterfeiting. Current techniques for detecting forged coins include visual inspection using a VSC system or elemental comparison using the Foster+Freeman ECCO.



finger mark development

New Techniques Examined at Finger Mark Conference

Some of the UKs foremost experts on finger mark identification and enhancement were in attendance as Foster + Freeman played host to the first formal meeting of the National Fingerprint Development Laboratories Group since 2012.



Crime-lite LED technology

Crime-lite Technology Solves World's End Case

A criminal investigation into the murder of two teenage girls that took place almost 40 years ago has finally been closed following the re-examination of evidence using modern Crime-lite forensic light sources.