innovators in the design and manufacture of systems for the examination of questioned documents, latent fingerprints, trace evidence and shoe prints.

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The Foster + Freeman graduate scheme has been established to seek out and invest in talented individuals whom, with the benefit of real-world experience and a structured program of industry-specific training, will become part of the company’s on-going and future success.

Graduates joining Foster + Freeman will enjoy a flexible package with in-house and external training courses designed to provide them with the relevant skills needed to play a part in important projects including the development of new products, LEAN manufacturing processes, and global exports.

Career Paths exist in each of the company’s key departments, R&D, Production, and Sales, where you will join a diverse and supportive team with many years practical experience.

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Market leading, and in many cases unique,



With a track record of being first to market with innovative new systems, the design, manufacture, promotion, and sale of Foster + Freeman products present a unique set of challenges.


Document Examination

Products for the Examination of Questioned Documents

Foster + Freeman VSC® document examination workstations can be found in airports, border crossings, immigration controls, banks and forensic laboratories worldwide. Common applications include the verification of passports and ID cards and the detection of alterations and counterfeits. Each VSC® system combines cutting-edge imaging and illumination hardware with a bespoke software package that continually evolves throughout the product life-cycle to keep pace with the advent of new document security features.

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fingerprint examination

Products for the Detection and Examination of Fingerprints

Fingerprints remain one of the most valuable forms of forensic evidence available to investigators. As such the market for new and improved methods of visualizing and enhancing fingerprints is continually evolving with Foster+Freeman placed firmly at the forefront of innovation in this field.

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Trace Evidence Analysis


Products for the Analysis of Trace Evidence 

Raman spectrometry, Laser-Induced Breakdown spectrometry, Glass Refractive Index Measurement, Microspectrometry etc. all represent key areas of growth for the company as forensic laboratories worldwide improve their technical understanding.

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Forensic Light Sources

The success of Foster+Freeman's range of Crime-lites® is due to their effectiveness. Crime-lites® are continuously evolving products with new wavelengths and accessories regularly being added to the range as our designers seek to enable the end user to visualize more evidence than ever before.

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Career opportunities

from product research & design to international sales


At Foster + Freeman we take products from an initial concept, through design, manufacture and testing stages, to promotional marketing and worldwide sales via our global distribution network.

Unique graduate career paths exist within the company’s key departments at every stage of the product journey:





 forensic product design  Forensic manufacture  international sales

Research & Design

Hardware design:

Joining our mechanical, optical and electronics engineering teams will place you at stage one in the new product journey. With immediate involvement in a wide range of projects, graduates will receive additional training and experience in the use of CNC machining, 3D CAD modeling, electronic and instrumentation design and engineering.

Software design:

Embarking on a wide variety of software development projects including GUI desktop applications, image processing, data analysis, database access, product firmware and embedded systems; graduates seeking a career in software design will benefit from working alongside a multi-disciplined team and will receive accredited training.

Manufacturing & Production

Production engineering:

As a manufacturing and production apprentice, you will develop the skills and knowledge required to produce our wide range of forensic science products.

Working both individually and as part of a manufacturing team, you will enjoy regular job-rotation whilst taking responsibility for the quality, safety, and accuracy of the work you undertake.

Sales & Commercial

Export sales management:

As part of our global sales team, you will gain hands-on experience at every stage of the sales process including liaising with distributors, product demonstrations, attendance of events and exhibitions, preparation of tender documents and an introduction to the export process.

After Sales Support:

Exciting roles exist providing training, installation, and applications support to our global customer base. Requiring extensive international travel, you will represent the company by ensuring Foster + Freeman users get the most out of their equipment.




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Developments &




Personal & Professional Development


Prospects & Rewards


Internal & External Training Opportunities

Working alongside experienced personnel within each of our departments will provide an excellent opportunity for on the job learning. This learning will be supplemented through in-house technical training and external accredited training courses relevant to your ongoing professional development.


Involvement in Key Projects

As key members of our team, all graduates will be entrusted with responsibility and involvement in key projects from the very start of the scheme.


Regular Performance Reviews

With the support of a line manager and/or development mentor, you will be set transparent and realistic development goals. Regular performance reviews will ensure that these goals remain relevant throughout the scheme.

Competitive Salary with Annual Bonus
25 Days Annual Holiday
Company Pension Scheme

Participants within the scheme will be offered a competitive salary. All staff at Foster + Freeman receive 25-days holiday per year, the option to join a company pension scheme, and a share of a annual profits based bonus.


Optional Salary Advance

In some circumstances, the company may offer to provide a conditional salary advance of up to 20% to assist with the costs of relocation.


Excellent Career Prospects

Graduates that successfully complete the program will be offered a permanent contract at Foster + Freeman.




Products & Technologies

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If you would like to register your interest in becoming a graduate at Foster + Freeman, please contact recruitment @