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Feedback from our customers is highly prized and plays a significant role in the development of the Foster + Freeman Customer Service department.

Below are a selection of comments that we have recieved from our customers:

Dear Sir,

I would like to express my thanks for the service that Foster & Freeman gave us recently.

At our pre-service contract visit by Marc James he spotted that the ESDA machine was not performing as well as it should, particularly the suction of the item and film onto the plate.

Claire Jervis gently broke the news to us that given the age of the ESDA machine F+F could not keep it on as part of the contract. However, she also made the offer that your company would try to repair the machine to improve its performance on this occasion.

Andrew Bliss looked at whether we could have a replacement ESDA1 while our machine was away, and made time while on a trip to Netley to collect, with no promise of a happy ending(!), the ESDA and transport it back to Evesham. It was examined promptly by Simon Atherton and he managed to replace the porous metal plate with another old one. It was then despatched back to us promptly, just in time for us to resume ESDA examination of a job.

The ESDA is much healthier and we have the additional advantage of a bed which helps us to overlap a document at the edge.

So in brief, thank you very much for all the help and getting us up and running again.

Many thanks for your outstanding customer service!

Thank you for your suitable advice on the problem I had. Now my ESDA2 is in very good condition and effective for new document cases. 

I appreciate you very much and also the company you work with.

Could I please place on formal record my appreciation to Simon who kindly resolved an irritating problem we had with the computer running the VSC6000. The mouse's scrolling wheel wouldn't work in Microsoft Office applications, though it did control the VSC software properly.

He tracked the problem down to a conflicting mouse application on the machine. He talked us through the process of uninstalling this and the mouse now works perfectly.

Please pass our thanks on to Simon - I know how hard (and long!) he struggled to find the solution.

Please pass on my thanks to engineer, Marc James for responding so quickly to a request to investigate an issue with a sensor in our MVC 5000. He was most helpful and the fact that he was able to respond so quickly really dug our laboratory out of a hole.

This I would like to flag up as an example of quality customer service.