Calibration and Diagnostic Tool for VSC Document Examination Equipment


Forensic document examiners are increasingly being called upon to validate their results and to provide definitive assurances that the instruments they use are accurate.
The VSC8000 Calibration Kit contains reference materials that have been calibrated to National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) standards. Using these standards as a reference against which to calibrate the VSC8000, we can guarantee the accuracy of the instrument and the examinations it performs. 


The VSC8000 Calibration Tool contains the two NIST traceable standards required to calibrate the systems integral spectrometer to ensure that any measurements obtained by the instrument are accurate and repeatable.

The tool is supplied in a heavy-weight machined aluminum case and also includes a UV activated test wedge designed to provide visible confirmation that the systems UV light sources are functioning correctly.

Having placed the Calibration Tool within the VSC8000, calibration is performed via the system software.

In addition to system calibration, reliable system performance can be verified using simple, automated diagnostics to check the status of motors, light sources and filters.


Calibrated Didymium Oxide Glass Filter

  • For the calibration of the VSC®8000 spectrometer wavelength scale.
  • Supplied with certificate of calibration

Calibrated Fluorilon White Reference Tile

  • Matted white tile for the accurate measurement of spectrometer reflectance.
  • Supplied with certificate of calibration

UV Test Wedge

  • Provides a visible response to the presence of UV 365nm, 312nm, and 254nm radiation

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