Fingerprint experts can save time and money using the Crime-lite MLD to detect and examine latent fingermarks without the need for chemical dyes, stains, or powders


Dual Long Wave Reflected-UV/Infrared imaging has the potential to save hundreds of laboratory man hours.


A unique evidence screening tool, the Crime-lite MLD enables examiners to simultaneously search for evidence in the UV and IR wavebands, using a large 4K monitor to view the results.

In-house and peer-reviewed studies conducted using this technology have demonstrated that in the majority of cases where superglue-fumed evidence is to be examined, Beyond Visible Imaging provides superior results and should be employed ahead of any dye, stain, or powder[1].


Straightforward and Intuitive

Searching for fingerprints using the Crime-lite MLD is straightforward and intuitive. Evidence is simply passed beneath the UV/IR sensitive twin-camera imaging system with live video of the resulting fingerprints being displayed on-screen.

By exploiting the differing UV/IR reflectance and absorption properties of fingerprint ridges it is possible to reveal high-quality fingerprints on superglue fumed, or even untreated, items of evidence.


Crime-lite MLD: Long Wave Reflected-UV

The many benefits of using reflected-ultraviolet to search for and examine forensic evidence, including fingerprints, are widely documented. The technique is highly sensitive and can be particularly useful when imaging transparent surfaces such as glass or plastics, which turn opaque when viewed in the UV waveband. However, in the past, R-UV examination has also had a number of major drawbacks, including potential health risks for the end user, damage caused to evidential DNA, and the ‘hit and miss’ approach to photographing something that cannot be seen by the naked eye.

The Crime-lite MLD eliminates each of these problems and greatly improves upon previous R-UV imaging solutions by using non-destructive Long Wave UV LEDs that are safe to use and do no damage to DNA. Also, through the inclusion of a Live UV imaging video camera, results are displayed in real-time on a large 4K monitor.

To further improve R-UV results, the Crime-lite MLD includes 2 banks of Long Wave UV LEDs to provide both flood and oblique illumination.


Crime-lite MLD: Infrared Examination

The biggest advantage when examining fingermarks in the IR spectrum is that in many cases background information (patterns, colours etc.) is greatly suppressed leaving only the fingerprint visible.

Suitable for the examination of superglue fumed evidence, as well as items that have been dusted with a simple carbon-based powder, infrared examination can often reveal prints that remain undetected using Reflected-UV.


A Complete Laboratory Solution

The Crime-lite MLD has been designed to complement existing forensic technology and to provide a complete laboratory solution.

Using a Crime-lite MLD to screen and mark-up evidence before it is sent to a specialist imaging system, such as the DCS 5 digital capture workstation, it is possible to improve results and to save hundreds of man-hours that would have previously been spent preparing and applying chemical dyes and stains.


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[1] Roberto S.P. King, L. E. D. D. A. S., 2018. The use of longwave reflected UV imaging for the enhancement of cyanoacrylate developed fingermarks: A simple, safe and effective imaging tool. Forensic Science International, 289(August 2018), pp. 329-336.


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