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Crime-lite 2 Accessories


Anti-glare Viewing Goggles & Camera Filters

Crime-lite anti-glare viewing goggles and camera filters are essential for the examination and photography of fluorescent evidence and are supplied as standard with all Crime-lite 2 cased sets.

Each anti-glare filter is manufactured from Schott glass with an additional coating to suppress auto-fluorescent emissions from the Schott glass itself, thus ensuring maximum optical performance when using high power light sources.

As standard Foster + Freeman camera lens filters are supplied with 62mm fittings, other sizes are available on request.

Download PDF: Anti-Glare Accessories


Crime-lite 2 Wavelength

UV Violet Blue Blue/Green Green Orange
Pale Yellow
Bright Red

 Required Viewing Goggle / Camera Filter colour


Evidence undergoing infrared examination using the Crime-lite 2 IR is visualised using an IR sensitive camera attachment with live video images being displayed on a PC monitor.

5MP IR sensitive camera

For the visualisation and digital image capture of evidence

  • Attaches to the Crime-lite 2 via adaptor
  • Hi-speed USB 2.0 interface
  • Includes UV, Vis & IR filters
  • Includes image capture software
Infrared camera attachment for forensic ALS


Articulated Arm

For the hands-free operation of the Crime-lite 2 IR

  • Bench or wall mounted
  • Reach 132cm
  • Internal power and USB cables


Laboratory arm for hands free ALS operation


Tablet PC Mount

Adjustable mount that clamps tablet PC to Articulated Arm


Use a tablet PC to view evidence under IR
Magnifier Attachment 
A simple magnifier attachment for the Crime-lite 2

A simple magnifying lens attachment providing x2 magnification

Articulated Arm  
 Forensic laboratory arm  articulated arm  holds Crime-lite 2, 82, 42 and XL light sources

Available for use with all Foster + Freeman Crime-lites, this heavy duty low-profile articulated arm allows for easy hands free operation of high intensity light sources.

Internal power cables can be used to connect the Crime-lite (and optional camera) to an AC mains power outlet without trailing wires. 

Crime-lite's are attached via an adjustable clamp.


Laboratory Cart  

Available for use with all Foster + Freeman Crime-lites but originally designed for use with Crime-lite 82S IR and Crime-lite ML2 systems (light source, camera and tablet PC), this robust wheeled cart is ideal for use in forensic laboratories.

The 70x60x70cm unit is mounted on lockable castors and can be manouvered around exhibits. A two-point fixing plate allows for the easy attachment of a Crime-lite articulated arm.

An optional uninterruptable power supply can be used to power equipment with no trailing wires. When not in use the trolley can be connected to an AC mains power outlet to be recharged.

CSI Case    CSI Case Trolley
 Transport equipment to and from the crime scene  Easily carry forensic equipment

Available in a variety of sizes for all Crime-lite forensic light sources.



For easy transportation of Crime-lite CSI case's.


Wrist Lanyard   Tripod
Prevents forensic lights form being dropped  For forensic photography
Attaches to handheld Crime-lites to prevent risk of being dropped. Available for all Crime-lite forensic light sources. 
Power Supply Components

Spare or replacement batteries and battery chargers are available for all handheld Crime-lites. The following components are available for the Crime-lite 2.

Crime-lite 2 battery

Single 7.2 V battery QCL/13B

Crime-lite battery charger

Single battery charger QCL/06/C

Crime-lite battery charger multi

Multi-port charger QCL/172

Advances in battery technology have allowed us to offer a new

7.2 V NiMH battery for Crime-lite 2 light sources.

Click here to find out more 


New battery for Crime-lite 2






Crime-lite 82S powerful and versatile range of forensic light sources

Crime-lite 42S a range of dual-colour LED light sources



Fluorescence Examination

UV Illumination

Multi-spectral Illumination

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