MVC lite portable fingerprint fuming cabinet 
Foster + Freeman’s new fingerprint fuming chamber, the MVC lite is a fully portable system, mounted within a rugged weatherproof case, for the safe treatment and rapid visualisation of fingerprints at the crime scene. 
Providing criminal investigators with all the features and benefits associated with a full-sized fingerprint cabinet, the MVC lite includes a number of additional attributes that have been designed for use in the field.
Mounted within a durable hard-wearing case, the MVC lite remains light weight (less than 11kg) and can be easily transported to the crime scene; a foldable trolley is also available if required. 
Safety features include a fully interlocked toughened safety glass door with air tight seal and a self contained fume cleansing system (activated carbon filter) to ensure that the operator is at no risk of being exposed to fumes. 
As is the case with all Foster + Freeman  MVC fuming cabinets, the MVC lite includes semi-automated fuming cycles for traditional Cyanoacrylate (superglue) and PolyCyano UV, the one-stage fluorescent stain that does not require evidence to be dipped in additional chemical dyes after the fuming process. Visualisation of evidence within the fuming chamber is improved by the inclusion of integrated white light LED illumination.
As part of Foster + Freeman’s increasing range of portable fingerprint detection, development, and imaging products, the MVC lite is the ideal solution for the rapid development of fingerprints at the crime scene.