Training Document Examiners to use the VSC6000 

Foster + Freeman has supplied the Ghanaian National Police Headquarters Forensic Science Laboratory, in Accra, with the latest generation of document examination equipment and provided extensive training in how to examine suspect security documents .

Simon Horswell, document examination expert for Foster + Freeman, travelled to Ghana to provide 5 days of training on how to spot forgeries and alterations to documents including passports and visas, using the newly installed VSC6000 multispectral document examination system.

Training was given to a small group of document examiners and focussed on the identification and examination of security features commonly used to prevent documents from being forged, such as watermarks, holograms, retro-reflective images, UV-activated features, anti-Stokes features, ICAO coded data, and invisibly embedded data.

 Divided into 5 sections, document examination, firearms and ballistics, chemicals, photography, and biology/serology, the Forensic Science Lab supports not only the Ghana Police Service but also renders services to other organisations, including national banks, on issues relating to suspicious documents, such as cheques and withdrawl slips.

At the end of the training participants were equipped with the knowledge and expertise to get the most from the VSC6000 and to accurately and consistantly examine suspicious documents.