Foster + Freeman TFD-2 uses heat to reveal latent fingerprints 
First announced in September 2010, the Foster + Freeman Thermal Fingerprint Developer is a device that, even at the prototype stage, demonstrated the potential to provide a simpler, safer and more economical method for developing ‘invisible’ fingerprints on paper.
Now, following further casework trials and product development time, Foster + Freeman are pleased to announce the release of the TFD-2, a production model TFD device that is set to revolutionise the way that fingerprints are developed and captured,  particularly during the investigation of so called ‘white collar crimes’ like fraud and embezzlement.
The TFD-2 includes many refinements over the original prototype system designed to improve rates of detection and ensure an increase in the quality of those prints detected.
As the motor driven conveyor system passes under the heating elements of the TFD-2 optimised heating element evidence is protected by safety measures including intelligent conveyor jam detection, rapid eject feature, and a non-contact IR sensor used to monitor paper temperature throughout the process.
The quality of prints detected is improved by the ability to adjust conveyor speed and heating temperature as well as to accurately monitor evidence throughout the process.
Prints can be developed in a matter of seconds without the need for chemical treatments and produce excellent ridge details and high contrast. Transportable the TFD-2 is suitable for use at the crime scene.