Foster + Freeman has installed their VSC6000 to help identify counterfeit documents at the Instituto Nacional de Ciencias Forenses (INACIF), an independent forensic institute in Guatemala.

The management and specialist staff at INACIF are working to international standards and therefore needs to ensure the institute has the necessary laboratory equipment to perform examinations of evidence submitted in criminal investigations.

A recent addition to their forensic science equipment is the Foster + Freeman VSC6000 which can quickly identify whether documents have irregularities or have been altered.


Following the delivery of the VSC6000 in March 2010 a one week intensive course of instruction was held to show delegates how to look for evidence of forgery, counterfeiting and alteration to documents.

Jim Lee, a certified member of the American Board of Forensic Document Examiners working with Foster + Freeman in the USA, led the course.

Mr Lee said, “The INACIF expect the VSC6000 is going to greatly improve the capabilities of their laboratory to resolve many more questioned document problems in a much more efficient manner . They examine all types of questioned documents including currency and travel documents.

“The facilities of the VSC600 will allow them to examine security features on currency and travel documents, a capability that has been greatly needed by them.”