Shoe Print Evidence

Footwear evidence in the form of shoe prints (also referred to as tread marks or impressions) is often the most abundantly available evidence to be found at a crime scene. Because of this a latent shoe print can often go on to become a key piece of evidence during an investigation.

Foster + Freeman products offer police forces and investigators a complete solution for the identification and management of footwear evidence.

SICAR 6 – This 6th iteration of SICAR is a full evidence management system for recording and monitoring crimes involving shoe print and tire mark evidence. At its most powerful when used in conjunction with a reference database of footwear marks such as SoleMate (see below), SICAR allows the operator not only to identify crimescene prints but to store and manage information on footwear worn by suspects, link crimes where identical marks have been recovered, share access to databases with networked forces, and more.  For full product details click here to Read More

SoleMate – This is a footwear database for use in conjunction with SICAR, containing images and details of a huge number of shoes, trainers (sneakers), sandals, boots, and all other varieties of footwear available. Currently the database contains records of over 23,000 individual tread patterns and is updated quarterly with each new season.  The unique pattern coding system employed in SoleMate allows even partial shoe prints to be identified. Read More – an online shoe print identification service where you only pay for results. Upload your scene of crime shoe print images to for fast and efficient analysis with the promise of No Result = No Fee.  With results usually being made available for download within 24 hours of a shoe impression being uploaded, is the perfect solution for police forces or private users who only process a moderate number of shoe print searches each year. Read More

Tyre Mark Evidence

Also known as skid, acceleration, braking, or tire tread marks the evidence left behind at road accident scenes or in the access and escape routes of other crime scenes can often provide invaluable evidence to investigators.

SICAR 6 – As with shoe prints SICAR is the ultimate tool in the field of tire tread identification. Using a similar pattern coding technique, investigators are able to manage all treadmark evidence within a single software solution. Read More

TreadMate – This reference database containing images and details of over 7,750 records of tyres produced by a wide range of manufacturers is much the same as SoleMate in format and use.  Available by annual subscription TreadMatecan only be accessed using SICAR. Read More