Forensic light source on tripod 
Designed to meet the varying demands of forensic photography providing optimum shadow-free illumination for the enhancement of all types of evidence against any background, the Crime-lite 8x4MK2 has been updated to include UV illumination.
Effective in the laboratory and at the crime scene, the Crime-lite 8x4MK2 is fitted with 32 surface-mount LEDs which, used in combination, provide up to 118 modes of illumination including 98 colour variations from UV to red.
The Crime-lite 8x4MK2’s 32 LEDs are divided into eight arrays each containing four high intensity LEDs:
UV NEW  350-380nm       Suitable for the detection of body fluids , bruising and bite marks.
Violet 395-425nm  For the detection and examination of blood stains.
Blue 420-470nm  Detects trace evidence as well as many fingerprint treatments.
Blue/Green      450-510nm  For the detection of fibres and chemically stained fingerprints.
Green 490-560nm  For  the examination of chemically stained fingerprints.
Orange 570-610nm  For the detection of fibres and DFO treated evidence.
Red 600-660nm  For general contrast search.
White 400-700nm  4 LEDs with 10 different colour temperature settings.
The Crime-lite 8x4MK2 has been designed to accommodate lenses with diameters of up to 85mm. The unit can be mounted upon a tripod or laboratory copy stand and is compatible with Foster + Freeman DCS 4 and DCS 3 fingerprint capture and enhancement workstations.
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