Raman Library search
Users of the Foster + Freeman Foram (all models) and ffTA (with Raman module fitted) can now further enhance the capabilities of their instruments through the purchase of additional Raman Spectra Libraries for the identification of unknown materials and compounds.
Raman spectra provide a unique ‘fingerprint’ of a material for comparison and differentiation; however the information provided within a Raman spectra can often be very complex and difficult to interpret. When presented with an unfamiliar sample the key to successful identification is the ability to access a reference database.
Foster + Freeman, in partnership with S.T. Japan GmbH are now able to offer a comprehensive collection of Raman spectra libraries that have been formatted for use with the Foram and ffTA systems.
In total over nine thousand spectra of common and specialist materials are available divided into 20 categorised libraries including:
  • Forensic Compounds 
  • Pharmaceuticals, Drugs and Antibiotics
  • Hazardous and Toxic Chemicals
  • Dyes, Pigments, and Stains
  • Solvents