New Jane Austen £10 polymer banknote to be launched next week


The new polymer £10 note, featuring a portrait of 19th Century author Jane Austen, is to be launched on July 18 despite concerns over the use of rendered animal fats in its production.

Printed on the same durable, water resistant polymer as the current £5 banknote, more than 275 million plastic £10 notes have already been produced in advance of the official launch event taking place at Winchester Cathedral next week on a date chosen to commemorate Jane Austen’s death. 

Despite facing criticism from animal rights groups over the use of tallow in its production, the Bank of England elected to go ahead with the launch fearing that destroying the stock of already printed notes would compromise some of the notes top secret security features.

The new £10, which will be smaller than the current design, will be issued to banks and cash machines throughout the country in September 2017. The Bank of England is yet to finalise a date when the paper £10 note will be withdrawn from circulation.

Examination and Authentication

Foster + Freeman document examination technology is already used worldwide to examine all forms of paper and polymer currency and includes industry leading systems capable of performing the advanced examination techniques required to authenticate modern banknotes:

VSC 8000 – The essential video spectral comparator for the examination of all questioned documents combines multi-spectral illumination sources with a powerful software package that is regularly updated to aid in the examination of new security features. The world’s most advanced QDE system, VSC systems are currently used by the Bank of England, the European Central Bank and numerous national banks throughout the world.

DVM, Digital Video Microscope – A digital video microscope with integral white and UV LED illumination sources designed for the examination of taggants, a powerful covert anti-counterfeit technology incorporated into inks and polymers on the latest generation of banknotes.


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