Foster+Freeman present 'Best Overall Performer' Award at Sheffield Hallam University


Sheffield Hallam Award Ceremony

Foster+Freeman are please to present this year's 'Best Overall Performer' award to Forensic and Analytical Science Graduate, Lauren Tolan, at Sheffield Hallam University's department of Faculty Health and Wellbeing.  

The annual award that comes with a prize of £250, was presented by F+F representative Yvonne Turner, who was quick to compliment Lauren's undeniable motivation to pursue a career in forensics. 

"Lauren was thrilled to accept the award and F+F prize. I told her to spend it on something nice and not use it to pay off her student loan! Lauren was the first person in her family to receive a degree and was clearly excited to have them all present on her special day - the F+F award just adding to their delight."

Employment in the Forensic Science Sector has accelerated over recent years with Forensic science becoming a popular career choice for students. The courses offered at Sheffield Hallam University include the extensive use of laboratory equipment (including Foster+Freeman instruments) enabling students to develop a complex understanding of forensic analytical techniques.  



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