Document examination training 
Document examination experts from Foster + Freeman travelled to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to provide advanced  training on a large number of VSC document examination systems purchased earlier this year by the country’s Immigration Department.
Forensic document analysis instruments purchased by the Saudi authorities include 10x VSC6000/HS advanced document workstations, 9x VSC400 compact workstations, and 8x VSC 40/HS modular workstations. 
Training in the use of the system’s many features, including multi-wavelength illumination and hyperspectral imaging, was conducted over a period of two weeks at a central location in the countries capital city of Riyadh.
Traditionally large numbers of illegal immigrants from Arab, Asian and African countries have been drawn to Saudi Arabia by its high standard of living and unrest in their home countries. The newly trained staff at Saudi Immigration can expect to examine genuine and counterfeit Pakistani, Indonesian, and Yemenese passports and visas on a daily basis.
Foster + Freeman Regional Sales Manager Nicholas Crabb commented 
“the purchase of industry leading QDE equipment and subsequent product training clearly demonstrates that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is intent on providing its immigration authorities with the most advanced technology currently available”
By the end of September, more than 50 immigration officials will have completed extensive training in the use of the VSC systems which are destined to be deployed to all of the major cities (including Jeddah, Medina, and Dammam) and border crossing ‘hotspots’ elsewhere within the Kingdom.