F.L. “Jim” Lee recieves a commerative plaque from MACC officers 
A delegation of Malaysia Immigration Department document examination professionals have successfully completed two-weeks intensive questioned document examination training with Foster + Freeman.
In order to tackle the rapidly escalating use of fraudulent documents, including work permits, passports and other travel documents and counterfeit currency, the Malaysian government has invested in Foster + Freeman equipment and training for its Immigration Department.
A group of 4 document examiners travelled to Foster + Freeman to participate in two week-long training courses, ‘Introduction to Forensic Handwriting Examination’ (modules include: Standards and Processes for comparison, Signatures and Forgeries, identifications of erasures, additions and alterations) and ‘Modern Techniques for Document Examination’ (modules include: Document Construction and Security Printing, Common Methods of Document Abuse, and Raman Spectroscopy of Ink Samples’).
Having completed the back-to-back courses, each of the course participants rated the Foster + Freeman training and facilities as “excellent” with the course content being described as “absolutely fascinating”.
The two course lecturers, former document examiner with the U.S. Army Criminal Investigation Laboratory, F.L. “Jim” Lee and, document examination expert Simon Horswell, formerly of UK Border Agency and National Document Fraud Unit, were highly praised by the course participants and upon completion of each course presented with a plaque with the compliments of the Malaysian Immigration Authority. 
Foster + Freeman training course are available in a variety of forensic science disciplines including Document Examination, Crime Scene Investigation, Fingerprint Detection, Development and Examination, Forensic Photography, and Immigration and Border Control. 
All courses are delivered by experts with international reputations and many years’ practical experience in their subject.
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