Foster + Freeman Crime-lite used by European Space Agency 

Products from the Foster + Freeman Crime-lite range have been selected by EADS Astrium, one of Europe’s largest manufacturers of civil and military space transportation vehicles and satellite systems, to play a vital part in the manufacturer’s rigorous quality assurance process.

As prime contractor to the European Space Agency (ESA), EADS Astrium is currently developing the NIRSpec spectrograph for integration with the successor to the celebrated Hubble space telescope, the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST), an international collaboration between the ESA, NASA and the Canadian Space Agency.

With an estimated total cost of several hundred million Euro it is vital that every individual component of the NIRSpec undergoes stringent inspection, and it is during this process that the Crime-lite range of products has proven to be of vital importance.

Using a bespoke set of Crime-lites, modified to comply with ESA clean room regulations, optics components of the NIRSpec spectrometer are meticulously examined for any trace of particulate and molecular contamination that may hinder or prevent the instruments examination capabilities.

ESA NIRSpec instrument system engineer Maurice te Plate said of the Foster + Freeman products:

“We’re glad to report the modified Crime-lite 82 turns out to be an outstanding tool! Also Astrium immediately recognised the added value of these lights. We had NASA experts visit us and together we did blacklight inspections of several electrical harnesses. Besides your 365 nm Crime Lite-2 we also used an alternative 365nm UV-A lamp. Your lamp does much better reveal the details of the contamination. Bottom line is that we and NASA JWST cleanliness experts are very happy with F+F tools”

Although best known for its forensic investigation and document examination products; Foster + Freeman’s ability to design and manufacture bespoke products that meet the requirements of a wide range of customers, has seen the companies products deployed in a variety of industries.


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