Following a twenty year wait forensic experts in Kingston, Jamaica have cut the ribbon on the countries first dedicated document examination laboratory complete with Foster + Freeman hardware.
The new laboratory, which features amongst other instruments a Foster + Freeman VSC40 and ESDA2, was opened in front of national TV cameras  by dedicated handwriting expert Deputy Superintendent Smiley who had spent over twenty years campaigning to acquire the required funding to purchase equipment for the new lab.
Foster + Freeman Sales Manager, Richard Evans, who was In attendance at the opening ceremony and later provided training on the new equipment spoke highly of the expertise that staff at the new laboratory were able to demonstrate.
“The document examiners in Kingston were really pleased with how easy it was to inspect documents and detect changes and alterations using the VSC40. By the end of our first days training everyone involved was able to show a high level of competency.” 
Jamaica’s first national Document Examination Laboratory is expected to aid authorities in a clampdown on the use of fake identification and the countries growing problem of counterfeit currency.