Border security technology at Chinese airorts

The search for counterfeit travel documents in China will be more effective after Foster + Freeman’s document examination product the VSC6000 was installed at border crossing points in the country.

The Border Control Department of Ministry of Public Security of China have purchased 12 VSC6000 and 15 VSC40, from Foster + Freeman.

The equipment will help border control staff to quickly check the security features on questioned documents and detect any irregularities and whether they have been altered or counterfeited.

Border control staff recently received training at a conference in Harbin City, northern China, on how to use the new technology. Ninety-three officers in total received the training.Delegates were impressed with the speed of the technology and how easy and user friendly the VSC6000 is to use.

The VSC6000 has already been installed at the main entrance and exit points of border cities in China as well as international airports.

The VSC40, a scaled down version of the VSC6000, is due to be installed within the next few months.

Bob Freeman, founder partner of Foster + Freeman, said: “Illegal immigration and terrorism are serious worldwide problems and no less so in China than in other countries. The authorities there are acutely aware of the potential consequences and are clearly taking measures to address the problem. We are extremely pleased that the Chinese Ministry of Public Security has chosen our VSC technology for passport examination and we are committed to providing continuing support through our distributor Ruiyuan Wende Technologies (China), Ltd.”