VSC6000LF checks banknotes

Following a three year public consultation program, The Bank of England has announced plans to introduce polymer banknotes, starting with the new Sir Winston Churchill £5 note in 2016.

The switch from cotton paper to polymer banknotes brings to an end 320 years of paper notes issued by the Bank of England and is considered by the bank to be a vital for maintaining confidence in the currency by improving the security, cleanliness and durability of banknotes.

Modern polymer banknotes were first developed and issued as currency in Australia during the late 1980’s, other countries that have made the switch to polymer include Canada, Romania, Malaysia, Israel, New Zealand and Vietnam.

One of the primary reasons behind the moved to polymer currency is security. Banknotes printed on polymer incorporate many security features that are not available to paper banknotes, including see-through windows, vignettes, shadow-images and self-authenticating features such as metameric inks or microprint that can be checked using the transparent window as a filter or magnifier.

Foster + Freeman document examination technology is already used worldwide to examine all forms of paper and polymer currency and includes industry leading systems capable of performing the advanced examination teqhniques required to authenticate modern banknotes:

VSC 6000/HS – The leading video spectral comparator for the examination of all questioned documents combines multi-spectral illumination sources with a powerful software package that is regularly updated to aid in the examination of new security features. The world’s most advanced QDE system, VSC systems are currencty used by the Bank of England, the European Central Bank and numerous national banks throughout the world.

DVM, Digital Video Microscope – A digital video microscope with integral white and UV LED illumination sources designed for the examination of taggants, a powerful covert anti-counterfeit technology incorporated into inks and polymers on the latest generation of banknotes.