Over 10 years since he laid the building’s first foundation stone, Peter Luff  the long-standing MP for Mid Worcestershire and recently appointed  Minister for Defence Equipment, Support and Technology at the MoD, paid a visit to the headquarters of Foster + Freeman in Evesham, UK.

Mr Luffs role at the MoD, with its title amended to include Technology, requires the minister to maintain an up-to-date knowledge of  new advances in defence technology and also to build and maintain relationships with commercial manufacturers, such as Foster + Freeman, that provide the  driving force behind innovation and development in the industry.

During the visit Mr Luff met with Foster + Freeman Managing Director Bob Dartnell and was given an extensive tour of the company's manufacturing facility before taking a closer look at some of the company's high specification instruments with a particular focus being placed on those products with applications in the fields of immigration and counter terror.

Mr Luff said,

“it was real pleasure to get to know such an innovative constituency company. I was greatly impressed by the technology employed by Foster + Freeman in the manufacture of its  products, the success it has enjoyed since moving to Evesham and the company’s commitment to support local industry wherever possible.”

The minister also commented  on the growth of the company’s exports to overseas markets, a topic which coincides with his own department’s agenda of increasing the exportability of British designed and manufactured defence equipment.

 Foster + Freeman are considered to be worldwide leaders in the fields of forensic  evidence and questioned document examination.  Products are currently exported to over 140 countries worldwide