Introducing PD2000 Ultra-High Resolution Questioned Document Imaging System

PD2000 document imaging system


The PD2000 is a unique new imaging system capable of capturing exceptionally high quality images of documents under a selection of illumination wavebands for on-the-spot examination, database creation, or transfer via the internet to an experienced document examiner.

The fully integrated system includes a high quality digital camera, a selection of high intensity multi-spectral light sources, and a large touch screen PC.


PD2000: Image Quality PD2000: Database Creation PD2000: Remote Examination
 PD-passport closePD-passport closeUV PD-database PD-remote

Above all else the PD2000 captures exceptionally high quality images of documents. All images captured under the systems various wavelengths can be exported in a range of formats.

Images will retain excellent clarity even when displayed on a HD projector at many times the document’s original size.

Using the PD2000 to create a database of documents, storing high quality images alongside relevant data, is quick and easy thanks to the systems integrated database software.

Using semi-automated operation the user can capture images under a user defined selection of illumination wavelengths, decode barcodes, and automatically capture, decode and store ICAO codes and MRZ data in the relevant database fields.

Once document images have been captured, they can be transmitted to any remote location where an experienced document examiner, with an appropriate system, can select any of the images, zoom in and scroll around the image at any magnification and with no loss of resolution for closer examination.

Remote Document Examination with the PD2000 saves time and improves security.