VSC8000 Impresses the Experts at International Philately Event

Examining Stamps using a VSC

Foster + Freeman teamed up with philatelist Professor Paul Leonard to demonstrate the VSC8000 Document Examination System to attendees at the International Celebration of the 150th Anniversary of the Royal Philatelic Society London.

Foster+Freeman were pleased to be invited to promote the Royal Philatelic Society London and to demonstrate the philatelic capabilities of the VSC8000 QDE workstation at Stockholmia 2019, an international celebration of the society's 150th anniversary.

While many in attendance at the exhibition had previous experience of VSC technology, few had yet to witness the new examination and analysis features that have been introduced by the latest VSC8000.

Of huge interest was the ability to undertake 3D analysis of documents including embossed stamps and articles where the design has been fraudulently changed such as inverting a centre. Material supplied by e.g. John Shaw and Alan Huggins was utilised to explain the challenges that can be faced when expertising material such as the removal of fiscal cancellations.

The VSC8000 has a much more sensitive spectrometer than the VSC6000, with a resolution of 3nm rather than 9nm, this enabled us during the Symposium to make a series of ink determinations on George V reference material, supplied by Alan Moorcroft from the reserve reference collection. 

A landmark event in the philatelic world, the exhibition was attended by numerous VIPs with the equipment causing such interest that an affable queuing system had to be introduced at busy times. 

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