Raman Spectrometer Specifications


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FORAM Specifications


Foram systems include a number of features designed to make Raman spectroscopy reliable and easy. For complete system specifications please download the product brochure pdf.


Hardware Features

  • Choice of laser wavelengths 532, 685, and 785nm
  • External cavity laser for maximum stability
  • Low laser power for sample protection
  • A4 size XY translation stage
  • Integral video microscope providing up to x450 magnification
  • Minimum sample size of 5 microns diameter

Software Features

  • Full control of Foram hardware
  • Easy to use on-screen menus
  • Multiple spectral displays for visual comparison
  • Advanced signal processing for maximum sensitivity
  • Automatic spectral comparison using peak-to-peak correlation
  • Data archiving with search and match facilities
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Foram systems for the examination of Questioned Documents

ffTA multi-examination system for trace evidence analysis

PRODUCT NEWS: Raman spectra libraries now available for Foram & ffTA 

PRODUCT NEWS: Multi-wavelength Raman Spectroscopy added to versatile ffTA system


Raman spectroscopy

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